Saturday, February 7, 2009

A True Friend Is A Forever Friend

There is nothing poetic I can say about a true friend that has not already been said many times before by many others. But what I can say is this:

A true friend will go to an oral surgeon's office, expecting a three day procedure and stay with you for three weeks to show her love. A true friend will hold your hand when the novacaine is so painful that even she can't bare to watch. A true friend will make you a grilled cheese sandwich at 3:00 in the morning just so you can take medicine to help you heal from pain. A true friend is someone who can smile at you when you have a mouthful of metal and casts and tell you the truth while laughing. "Yeah, you look like hell. But it's almost over and it is going to be beautiful!"

I can never thank Victoria for the support she has been in my life. She has taught me a deeper understanding of selflessness and true love. She has been there when the valium kicked in and I could barely remember that I was in Central America! And what a safety she has been for me!!! My Spanish has yet to improve very much.
Victoria has been an inspiration in so many ways that I was amazed and astounded at her ability to teach me things I thought I already knew. When a crisis of sort occured with my daughter, Jessica, she gathered with me in prayer and said the most inspiring prayer I have ever heard. She mentioned to the Lord that if this was His will, and that if this was a lesson for Jessica to learn, a new and more promising possibility would present itself. And with that new plan, would come a deeper and richer opportunity for her life. She asked that blessings be poured upon our family for safety, health, emotional soundness, and openness from each of us to learn from these happenings; Not only in our time, but in the Lord's time. Not once did she mention anything for herself, her own family, or for any other cause. She simply asked the Lord to honor his promise; by gathering together in prayer, as He tells us to do, asking with sincerity and faith, He would provide an answer to our lives.

I love Victoria. She is a blessings in more ways than I can ever express and I only pray that one day, somehow, I can repay her for the this past month of her givings to me and to my life. For those of you who assume that Victoria is LDS, I should share with you that she is not. Which to me extends an extra special knowledge of true love on earth. I know, without a doubt, she is a true Saint.

Happiness Ends The Evening

As the evening came to a close, I asked Nicki to take a picture of me in front of the front walkway. Of course the San Jose wind has my hair crazy but my smile shows the happiness of the ending day. What a restful, peaceful day I experienced with new sights, new friends, and an emotional boost to my health and well being.
I miss my family dearly. But, today, it was nice to enjoy the world with a smile!

Pieces of Heaven Bring New Found Friends

Before my arrival in Costa Rica, I had met a friend who lives here in the Escazu area. Nicki, has been corresponding with me over the past few months and we had plans to meet while I was here for my dental work.

Since so much of the work had caused delays and I was not really up to visiting, today was the first day I was able to meet with her. Her home was simply a piece of heaven. She lives on the mountainside of Jorge and Maria, who I mentioned below.

Nicki has two kitties, Matrix, shown below is the lovable and lap kitty. I will have to work on catching the other, Neno, in a picture. He is a bit shy of new people!

Anyhow, here is a picture of Matrix in front of her house and then Nicki with Jorge over looking the view of the mountainside! Jorge had been out feeding the koi. Poor Nicki ran into a branch in the orange orchard and cut her forehead open right before this picture. But she still looks beautiful!

Mountainside Family Land of San Rafael, Escazu

Today, I was able to visit a mountainside of land that belongs to a local family, Jorge and Maria. They own three homes at the top of the mountain; one of these is a rental lived in by my friend, Nicki.

Today, we walked through the trails filled with koi ponds and orchards rolling through the side of this mountain, admiring all the landscape and workmanship that has been put into this family land. Jorge has over 12 types of bamboo that range in height, some reaching over 25 meters and newly planted bamboo from Bali which is to reach heights of 35 meters. The beautiful plants and flowers overwhelm the land and there are hidden trails, water walk ways, ponds, and special meditation spots meant for quiet, restful, soul searching or prayer times.

Here are a few of the pictures of today.

The stairs of this meditation spot where hand built and designed to block outside noises, allowing peacefulness to settle. There is an exquisite firepit here near the beautiful koi pond at the front of the house. In this pond, some of the koi have been imported from Japan and other rare areas in the world.