Monday, April 20, 2009

Swing Time Silly Girls

Clara and Madison hanging out together!

Need Something Fixed?

We were outside working today on a wood frame. James decided that he needed to help us. I went to the garage, found an old tin lunch box, and filled it with miscellaneous tools, tape, nuts and bolts to give to James. He was so excited that he carried his "tool box" around the rest of the day. Even while he was trying to play basketball.

Madison is so cute! Look at this child!! Swinging on a backyard swing in a dress and cowboys boots! Guys, it don't get any more country than this!!!
And see the lattice laying in the yard? Well that was her first idea that I quickly VETOED! A slide coming out of the tree...... What will she think of next?

Jessica is 21!!!

Jessica turned 21 on Sunday, April 19th. We celebrated her birthday at one of her favorite restaurants, Kyoto, a Japanese Sushi and Hibachi Grill. It was just the girls and it was wonderful food, conversation, and time together! Really! It was so awesome!
Here are my three girls from heaven....

Bubbles or Mower

James was trying to decide if the bubbles could be caught at the same time he pushed the mower!

Bubbles Bubbles Everywhere!

James came to play with us today while Amy had a little one on one time with Paige and possibly a nap! Mid-morning I took him with me to the store. As soon as we walked in I asked him if he wanted to go look for a ball.

(Since he loves ALL balls.) But, before I had even finished, he took off running and yelling, at the top of his lungs,

MMMMOOOOOWWWWWWEEEEEERRRRRRRR!!!!!!" Needless to say, we ended up looking at riding and push mowers for about 30 minutes. When we got home he opened his birthday present. The Bubble Mower. I knew he liked mowers but I had no clue how much!!! Although I could not figure out how to work the video from my camera, I did catch some of the funny moments. I just should never consider a career in film production!! So, here he is playing with his new bubble mower. He was so funny running after the bubbles and trying to push the mower at the same time!