Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bears Cheer

So, the girls coach was out of town this week and Jessica has class on Wednesdays so I tried to teach the girls a new Hello Cheer. I was impressed that they got as much of it as they did in one practice! Now, with a bit more practice, they will get it perfect! Uniforms and pom poms will also add to the total effect!
Nonetheless, they are cute!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Abbett Bear's Cheer Off!

Today are the "Cheer Off's" for Madi's team, the Abbett Bears. The dance and routine is this afternoon so I will post the video later but I thought they looked so cute I had to update this first!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mother's Day Message

I never blogged about my Mother's Day! And, I have been wanting to mention it. This year, the girls gave me a Mother's ring which was included in the special card they made. Madison even made her own super special card for me.

Then, the girls spent the day with me, just hanging out, watching movies, talking, and eating. I loved everything about the day; it was perfect!

I love my Mother's ring. After all, I have been a mother for over 21 years now, I think I earned it!!! Yes. That's right, TWENTY-ONE and counting.

Anyhow, kudos to my Three Girls From Heaven on a wonderful Mother's Day and a special memorable gift!

Secret Helpers!

Tonight, while I was working on a project in my room, Madison and her friend Brianna asked to bake a cake. Since Madison has done this several times, I said it was fine and stayed in my room, just listening. After a little while, I began to realize that I didn't smell the cake yet. Instead I was smelling something else. Although I was hesitant to ask, I called Madison in my room to ask if she needed help. She assured me that everything was "under control" and that the cake was almost done. About an hour after this venture began, both girls returned to my room with a scarf to cover my eyes.

Apparently the "cake" was a surprise. When I was walked into the kitchen (blindfolded) they uncovered my eyes to show me a clean kitchen with a special treat. They made Rice Krispy Treats.

The message read, "I (heart) love U. There was a #1 on the Rice Krispy Treat but it was written with food coloring so it accidentally smeared.

Both girls worked really hard and I am very proud of their willingness to provide an act of love without being asked! It was very sweet and they did a great job cleaning the kitchen!

**Big points for Madison and Brianna!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Blonde For The Summer

I guess the idea of going from dirty blonde to summer blonde was Madison's idea. But I had no intention of following, until it was a little too late. Our hair stylist decided that she looked great with the blondest of blonde and I needed a few highlights. I guess a change is good for everyone. It's a fun look and although it really is quite bold for me, I'll try it for a while. Here are the results.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fashion Frenzy

At my house, we go through the daily ritual of what kind of "store", "show", or "classroom" you will be participating in. Usually it consists of the normal, "lets play school", or "let's play store", however, it gets creative around here. You may walk in to a veterinarian office, with real pets, including insects that can be found, or a blockbuster, with hundreds of dvd's everywhere to choose from. Today, it was fashion week at our house and all the newest styles were worn and shown in a fashion show put on by the girls. *Notice the "red carpet" (the pink blanket) to the right side of the room. They were really cute.... until they had to clean it all up and return the clothes to hangers. :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kittens from the Milkman's Cat

I was out of town during the end of May, first of June. When I got home, I found my Himalayan cat, Milan, in heat. I hadn't realized she was old enough yet. So, I took her to the vet to get a shot that takes cats out of heat till they can be spayed. But, here we are, 11 weeks later, with kittens from the black Persian "milkman" cat! All the kittens are black. I just can't believe it!

Saving Sandy Memories

Most everyone knows that I love the beaches. Pretty much anywhere is fine with me, although I have favorites, as long as it has sand and ocean. Each visit to the different beaches, I began to think that it would be fun to bring back sand. After I mentioned it, I found out that people had heard of collecting sand, and my nephew, Austin, already collects it. I guess I am more sheltered than I thought!
So, I ordered some bottles to display them in and I am working on some new tags for each bottle. Here is what I have so far. Just a few but its a start!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Florida Beaches

The Florida beaches: Pensacola Beach, Panama City Beach, Mexico Beach, Ft. Walton Beach, and Destin Beach. The sand was white, soft, and clean. On the beach, I was transformed into a mermaid and in the ocean swam with a fish named Madison, all week long! The sun was warm and restful and the people were friendly. It was a perfect break for a summer vacation.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Just Take A Picture, Mom!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Girls At Galveston East Beach

We all had a fun time swimming and goofing off. Everyone got a litttle sunburned but I think it passed for Madison and Macy. My sunburn is still a bit evident!
Nonetheless, the water was awesome, clean, and perfectly cool.

Romeo is Thirsty Too!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

It's All About A Girl....

All about Ms. Paige, that is.... How precious is this hair? She has more hair now than any of my girls did!!! And Sunday, June 7, 2009, she was blessed and given a name. Paige Taylor.

It was a beautiful day outside and we spent the day enjoying family time together and chasing babies. All of them!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Galveston Sandcastle Competition!

Galveston held its 23rd annual AIA Sandcastle competition this weekend. I have always wanted to attend but for some reason or another, I have not be able to.
Madison and Macy came along to see how it was done. We all enjoyed the beach and watching these guys compete.
We even spent a few hours out in the ocean..... way out there!!!..... swimming with the fish. For some reason, the fish were all swimming on the tips of the waves. Right as the wave curled, the fish were swimming and jumping as far as the eye could see. There were school after school of fish and we watched them swim by us for hours. Many of them even bumped up against us. It was a funny afternoon.

There were amazing artist talents present and although these are just a few of the best, all of the work was incredible!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Grandma's Garden and April's Love

Although Grandma Lois was the rightful owner of the garden in my back yard, April planted a lot of the seeds and flowers that continue to bloom each year. Among those, are a few of my favorites, the roses and the moonflowers.

Now, it's my garden and I gratefully care for it with the same love it received before me.

Hanging Out In The Treehouse!

Cooper and Lincoln were just hanging out today in the tree house. Madison and Macy joined in and had fun jumping out of the doors. It was amazingly cool up there when I took the boys up and I was surprised that the heat didn't engulf the area. Instead, the breeze blew through the branches and the shade cooled the air.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Swing Time Silly Girls

Clara and Madison hanging out together!

Need Something Fixed?

We were outside working today on a wood frame. James decided that he needed to help us. I went to the garage, found an old tin lunch box, and filled it with miscellaneous tools, tape, nuts and bolts to give to James. He was so excited that he carried his "tool box" around the rest of the day. Even while he was trying to play basketball.

Madison is so cute! Look at this child!! Swinging on a backyard swing in a dress and cowboys boots! Guys, it don't get any more country than this!!!
And see the lattice laying in the yard? Well that was her first idea that I quickly VETOED! A slide coming out of the tree...... What will she think of next?

Jessica is 21!!!

Jessica turned 21 on Sunday, April 19th. We celebrated her birthday at one of her favorite restaurants, Kyoto, a Japanese Sushi and Hibachi Grill. It was just the girls and it was wonderful food, conversation, and time together! Really! It was so awesome!
Here are my three girls from heaven....

Bubbles or Mower

James was trying to decide if the bubbles could be caught at the same time he pushed the mower!

Bubbles Bubbles Everywhere!

James came to play with us today while Amy had a little one on one time with Paige and possibly a nap! Mid-morning I took him with me to the store. As soon as we walked in I asked him if he wanted to go look for a ball.

(Since he loves ALL balls.) But, before I had even finished, he took off running and yelling, at the top of his lungs,

MMMMOOOOOWWWWWWEEEEEERRRRRRRR!!!!!!" Needless to say, we ended up looking at riding and push mowers for about 30 minutes. When we got home he opened his birthday present. The Bubble Mower. I knew he liked mowers but I had no clue how much!!! Although I could not figure out how to work the video from my camera, I did catch some of the funny moments. I just should never consider a career in film production!! So, here he is playing with his new bubble mower. He was so funny running after the bubbles and trying to push the mower at the same time!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

A True Friend Is A Forever Friend

There is nothing poetic I can say about a true friend that has not already been said many times before by many others. But what I can say is this:

A true friend will go to an oral surgeon's office, expecting a three day procedure and stay with you for three weeks to show her love. A true friend will hold your hand when the novacaine is so painful that even she can't bare to watch. A true friend will make you a grilled cheese sandwich at 3:00 in the morning just so you can take medicine to help you heal from pain. A true friend is someone who can smile at you when you have a mouthful of metal and casts and tell you the truth while laughing. "Yeah, you look like hell. But it's almost over and it is going to be beautiful!"

I can never thank Victoria for the support she has been in my life. She has taught me a deeper understanding of selflessness and true love. She has been there when the valium kicked in and I could barely remember that I was in Central America! And what a safety she has been for me!!! My Spanish has yet to improve very much.
Victoria has been an inspiration in so many ways that I was amazed and astounded at her ability to teach me things I thought I already knew. When a crisis of sort occured with my daughter, Jessica, she gathered with me in prayer and said the most inspiring prayer I have ever heard. She mentioned to the Lord that if this was His will, and that if this was a lesson for Jessica to learn, a new and more promising possibility would present itself. And with that new plan, would come a deeper and richer opportunity for her life. She asked that blessings be poured upon our family for safety, health, emotional soundness, and openness from each of us to learn from these happenings; Not only in our time, but in the Lord's time. Not once did she mention anything for herself, her own family, or for any other cause. She simply asked the Lord to honor his promise; by gathering together in prayer, as He tells us to do, asking with sincerity and faith, He would provide an answer to our lives.

I love Victoria. She is a blessings in more ways than I can ever express and I only pray that one day, somehow, I can repay her for the this past month of her givings to me and to my life. For those of you who assume that Victoria is LDS, I should share with you that she is not. Which to me extends an extra special knowledge of true love on earth. I know, without a doubt, she is a true Saint.