Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Garden of Glory

I realized that the picture I posted did not show much other than the building. The sun was shining on the angel so brilliantly that he appeared to be praising the Lord. I was not able to catch that in the photo below but I was able to catch the garden. Its beauty was so incredible.

Costa Rica Temple

Today, I was successful in finding the LDS Temple here in Costa Rica.
It was outside Santa Ana in a quiet little town. The drive was very nice; not more than 20 minutes. We drove around the mountain in Escazu, outside San Antonio towards San Raphael. The weather was gorgeous here so it was nice to drive through the mountains and see the different scenery. Everything is so green and alive with vibrant colors!
At first I think he was unsure of the taxi driver but as he saw that I was an American, he understood and allowed us entrance.
It was immediately a reassuring, peaceful, spiritual reminder of how the comforter can touch you at the most needed times. I was really feeling rough the past few days and the comfort there gave me an uplifted heart. I think even the driver was aware of the awesome presence. He marveled at the building, the landscaping, and the building itself.
It was beautiful, as all temples are, and I was happy to have found something that, to me, felt like home.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Different Than Expected

Well, most of you know I have been doing dental work in Costa Rica. This trip turned out to be a bit different than expected.
First, the weather here is unexpected due to the earthquake, they think, and the normal summer weather is in lower temperatures than "normal". So, my bright idea of packing light and only bringing the bare necessities was not such a bright idea! I brought one pair of jeans, one sweat suit, and six pairs of short/capris! Good planning! Well at least the theory was a good idea. Oh yeas, it is summer here so the clothing they sell is summer clothing.
Next, my visit was intended for 9 days. I just found out that it will now be 16 days. Yes, I am here until next Tuesday or later. So, disfrutar de la pura vida! (Enjoy the pure life.)
Now, the work is going well, although more was needed than expected. But just think, when I get home, I will have the most beautiful smile ever! Perfectly straight, white teeth. Won't you all be jealous? Well, don't be. To get them.... let's just say its not something you would WANT to do.
It is very pretty here though and I have been blessed with the best care around. Dr. Marco and Dr. Marco (Papa) are the most amazing doctors I have ever met in my life. And I know doctors! They have been so kind and caring. I can not even explain to you the extra lengths they have extended love to me and shown me a kindness that you do not see very often in the United States. They have a true passion for helping people and it is not about anything more than that.
I will post picture here that was taken in San Jose downtown area. I am not even sure what this is yet but it was pretty.
I have been looking for the temple here or even the church building but have not found it. I know they are close but the directions are difficult since Costa Rica has no postal system and no one has an actual address. Everything is 100 meters north of something.
The people here are very kind. Of course there are areas that you do not want to be but for me, it has been a humbling experience and I love to see the appreciation of life here. The Tico's (local Costa Rican's) do not rush, stress, hurry, or bother. They are just happy being. It can be frustrating for some of us though. Like an OCD, ADHD person such as myself (just kidding)! Only because we feel that everything should be done NOW, NOW, NOW. But the stress level here diminishes the moment you arrive. There is simply no reason to hurry; even if you do, no one else will.
I am trying to download and find the ways to do my homework and catch up on things I have wanted to do. And, although my website is not up and going, (except the front page) I do not feel like investing time into that today. So, I gave in and decided to blog with the rest of you people!
I am a little homesick. But not for the place or the home, just the family. I miss the girls so much and it is hard to be away from them when I see them almost everyday, even as grown adults. Being away from Madison is tough! She is such a little stinker that I can almost here her every now and then....
That's about it for tonight. Just thought I would take a stab at this and see how I like it.