Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Costa Rica Temple

Today, I was successful in finding the LDS Temple here in Costa Rica.
It was outside Santa Ana in a quiet little town. The drive was very nice; not more than 20 minutes. We drove around the mountain in Escazu, outside San Antonio towards San Raphael. The weather was gorgeous here so it was nice to drive through the mountains and see the different scenery. Everything is so green and alive with vibrant colors!
At first I think he was unsure of the taxi driver but as he saw that I was an American, he understood and allowed us entrance.
It was immediately a reassuring, peaceful, spiritual reminder of how the comforter can touch you at the most needed times. I was really feeling rough the past few days and the comfort there gave me an uplifted heart. I think even the driver was aware of the awesome presence. He marveled at the building, the landscaping, and the building itself.
It was beautiful, as all temples are, and I was happy to have found something that, to me, felt like home.


Chris and Bruce said...

Your description brought tears to my eyes. I love going to the temple to feel of it's peace. I often have to tell myself, "Be still and know that I am God," to slow down and block out the world. It sounds like that is what you did - you made a heavenly connection.

Jaimee Madison said...

Thank you for sharing that. Yes. I felt very much like I was connected with heaven and earth at the same time. It was wonderful.