Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fashion Frenzy

At my house, we go through the daily ritual of what kind of "store", "show", or "classroom" you will be participating in. Usually it consists of the normal, "lets play school", or "let's play store", however, it gets creative around here. You may walk in to a veterinarian office, with real pets, including insects that can be found, or a blockbuster, with hundreds of dvd's everywhere to choose from. Today, it was fashion week at our house and all the newest styles were worn and shown in a fashion show put on by the girls. *Notice the "red carpet" (the pink blanket) to the right side of the room. They were really cute.... until they had to clean it all up and return the clothes to hangers. :)


Amy said...

Love it. I was the same way. Angela and I played school, house, and store on a regular basis. We did a few fashion shows as well. And lots of weddings. I always married Joey.

Dave and Ginger said...

Awesome! Macy is so coordinated!!! Cute clothes.