Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mountainside Family Land of San Rafael, Escazu

Today, I was able to visit a mountainside of land that belongs to a local family, Jorge and Maria. They own three homes at the top of the mountain; one of these is a rental lived in by my friend, Nicki.

Today, we walked through the trails filled with koi ponds and orchards rolling through the side of this mountain, admiring all the landscape and workmanship that has been put into this family land. Jorge has over 12 types of bamboo that range in height, some reaching over 25 meters and newly planted bamboo from Bali which is to reach heights of 35 meters. The beautiful plants and flowers overwhelm the land and there are hidden trails, water walk ways, ponds, and special meditation spots meant for quiet, restful, soul searching or prayer times.

Here are a few of the pictures of today.

The stairs of this meditation spot where hand built and designed to block outside noises, allowing peacefulness to settle. There is an exquisite firepit here near the beautiful koi pond at the front of the house. In this pond, some of the koi have been imported from Japan and other rare areas in the world.